Songs About You

by Jimmys Phone

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(free) 02:06


A compilation of old demos as well as some new.


released December 10, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Jimmy Steenland
Mastered by Ivan Fargo
Artwork by David DiPiazza
Additional vocals and instrumentation
by Nick Faucher and Reverie Beall



all rights reserved


Jimmys Phone Detroit, Michigan

Yeah, this is
Jimmys Phone.
Detroit Michigan.

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Track Name: Virginia
Oh Virginia,
I love you
And I wait for you
In hell

Oh Virginia,
I miss you
Like a sorry dog
Without his bone

I'll kill myself
Just to make you smile
Just to make you laugh

I need you
My tired bones
They shake at night
Track Name: The Sun is Gone
The Bible is burning
The love is all wrong
And death is approaching
Now the sun is gone

The sun is gone
And so are you

I've read you the Bible
I've loved you too long
I don't want to die now
But the sun is gone

The sun is gone
And so are you
Track Name: Seminal Wishes
Why even bother letting somebody know you
When all they want to do is hurt you

Jesus Christ he hypnotized me at birth
To love everybody

What I wouldn't give
To be with you (again)

Seminal wishes won't help with the dishes
I'll be home alone

You're standing naked in front of a crowd
Waiting to get drawn

What I wouldn't give
To be with you (again)
Track Name: Sunnyside Tokyo
It's the sunny side of Tokyo
That is where I will go
To find love
Your love

We're running 'round the city scape
There is no chance to escape
Those eyes
Your eyes

Lost in this strange place
Lost in this feeling
Track Name: Gold Flower
Theres a gold flower
My eye longs for
Every time I die
No matter how many times I've seen it
It always makes me cry

Gold flower
Dying girl
Bright light
Halo full
Hell can be my home
Hell can be my family
Hell will take me on

Samantha in a golden top
Her eyes rolled back into her head
Samantha in a golden fleece
The flower of my eye

But when I come I'm lonely
I can't make you love me
Golden child of no one
Hell can be your home
Hell can be your family
Hell is gold to me
Track Name: Mary\\
Methadone Mary
Marry me

Sunshines gotta go somewhere
All this sunshines going somewhere

Roman Holiday
On the Projector

Fucking after taking
Track Name: Demon Hand
Theres a demon hand
Thats keeping me from touching you

A demon died to leave behind
A hand to charm you back to me

But just as it had given you to me
It had taken away my ability to see

I gave up on you
And killed myself again

Assuring some one else
Could use my demon hand
Track Name: Soft White Light
Relieve my depression
Hold me in your arms
Hold me down
Hold me in hands so
Tightly wrapped
Exit wounds
From entry
That filled her womb
Enter me
And leave
Exit wounds
Soft white light
Soft white light
Is all I see
Soft white light
Soft white light
Is all I can see
Track Name: Virginia I Love You
Virginia I love you
But you're so far away

Remember the times
We sang each others lines
Remember the days
We stayed awake inside

Virginia I loved you
But you're too far away

Of course it ends
Of course it ends
Everything does
Everything does
Track Name: I Dont Smoke
The Devils come to me
And I'm happy as can be
Happy as can be that
You won't see me
At my worst
Come to terms
With myself
Track Name: Hey, Wait
Hey, wait
I haven't even told you my name
Our lives
Will be just like comic books

Don't jump
For the tree
Don't jump
After me

Hey, wait
My life can't end yet
I sit
Across the table from death

Hey, wait
I haven't said enough
I'll go
And take my seat on the bus

Don't jump
For the tree
Don't jump
After me
Track Name: Honey Jar
Hold me like a honey jar
And leave me like an empty bottle
I only come to hear my name
Leave your lips after saying Grace

Hang me like a candy cane
And leave me like a burning body
I only come to hear you say
That my comfort keeps you sane

Thats why I say,
It's hard to be open
With someone who's broken
So give me a chance to expose myself

Eat me like a hershey bar
And break me into little pieces
You only come to see me starve
And tell me all your darkest secrets

Fist me like a cookie box
And treat me like you would a bratz doll
I only come to say my cause
I'll leave the rest for santa claws

Thats why I say,
It's hard to be open
With someone who's broken
So give me a chance to expose myself

Hold me like a honey jar
And eat me like a wooden apple